washer and dryer

Are you wondering what the big deal is with these stackable washer and dryer units? While there are some common sense reasons that some people may need to stack washer and dryers at home, wouldn’t it create more of an inconvenience when it comes time to actually using your washing and drying machines?

This is a common question from people who haven’t purchased a washer or dryer in many years. They walk into a department store or home appliance store and are baffled at all of the new technology that is now available. Not only can you stack washer and dryer units for many reasons which we will discuss in a minute, but you can steam your clothing inside some washing units and there is even a washer dryer combo that does it all in one simple machine!

Technology definitely has changed the way many people wash their clothing at home, but there is a functional reason for every bit of technology currently selling in the home appliance market. People who are able to steam clothing can save time using an iron and better care for particular types of clothing fabric. Those who purchase the all-in-one washer dryer combo save tons of space and are even able to save on electricity and water over time.

There are also some very functional reasons why many people are purchasing stackable washer and dryer units. The primary reason is to save on space. Typically, a washer and dryer will take up considerable amounts of space in the home, especially if you purchase units which are designed to accommodate oversized loads.

Some space can be saved by purchasing front load washing machines. Since they do not have the large agitator taking up room inside the washing bin, they do allow for more clothing to be inserted for each load. Unfortunately, they still take up considerable amounts of space when placed side-by-side with a regular sized dryer.

When you stack washer and dryer units on top of one another you save half the space that they would otherwise consume! This works well for those who live in an apartment or have a smaller home where there simply isn’t room for a full sized washer and dryer.

Another reason to use a stackable washer and dryer system is the change in how you go about doing laundry. Many people enjoy having the washer down lower to the ground with the dryer up at a higher point. This enables you to place a basket below the dryer’s door and drop your clothing down into it, rather than the up and down motion that many people find unpleasant when you have to bend down to pull the clothing out of a lower positioned dryer.

Stackable washers and dryers are designed to be compact space savers. Some may be placed in a closet where they won’t be seen by others, which adds to the aesthetic value of stacking your units. That said, your load sizes may be smaller when your purchase units that are designed to conserve space.

So, there are some obvious reasons why many people now wish to stack washer and dryer units rather than having them sitting side-by-side in the usual fashion. As more and more people find themselves downgrading to smaller homes or deciding to live in apartments rather than their own homes, there will be more demand for stackable washer and dryer units.